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“IMPACT consultants have been leading various leadership workshops for our firm for years, and their experience shows. Malvika is a commanding and persuasive workshop facilitator — participant’s sit-up and listen when she speaks, and they’re not disappointed by what they hear. Malvika uses a combined suite of interdisciplinary tools and techniques to employ a personal-touch, even when leading formal group workshops. She delivers individual feedback and insights dexterously — you both remember and act upon her input, even well after the workshops are over. IMPACT’s concern for individual growth is manifest also in their accessibility and approachability in informal situations (e.g., during workshop breaks, or after hours). Malvika is willing to listen and provide customized coaching well beyond the formal setting. I’ve even received personal follow-up “check-ins” from her, months later! Malvika is the best facilitator we had. Besides a perfectly planned and prepared program it was amazing how much energy and excitement Malvika was able to inject into the group discussions. Lots of takeaways in addition to the program agenda through her absolutely fantastic insightful work.”