What we do

What we do

Business transformation:
working with the leadership teams to craft a compelling vision and working with them and their
organization to built the capabilities and shift in mindset required.
Organizational cultural change:
work with leadership teams to create a shift in culture. Starting with a culture diagnostic
and identification of enablers and barriers to change followed by the necessary interventions.
Team effectiveness:
work with teams and groups to get to the next level of performance that is sustainable
People development:
one on one coaching working with individuals to unlock their full potential
Diversity & Inclusion:
create a breakthrough by  leveraging diversity  at an individual, team, and organizational level.

How we work:

We typically start with a diagnostic and assessment followed by
the necessary interventions, which may include:
C level coaching, first 90 days, personal impact, etc.
Team facilitation:
high performance teams, conflict resolution, etc.
Organization capability building:
communication, interpersonal effectiveness, core leadership skills, conflict resolution, etc.
e.g. Influencing skills, Presence and Gravitas, Presentation, asserting conflict resolution,
energy management, networking ,etc.
e.g. Organizational development, eg. structure, systems, process, people capability and development, etc.

Who we work with:

Our work starts with the CEO and their leadership team, cascading down the entire organization.
We work on a one on one basis with the leaders, their teams and their entire organization.