Suchi Mukherjee

I first met Malvika as an Executive Management Team member at Skype. She had come highly recommended by a senior long-time-respected eBay US coach. When I embarked upon my journey as Managing Director & GM of Gumtree, I started working with Malvika one-on-one. The single biggest personal change that Malvika helped faciliate, is an acute sense of self awareness – something that I feel is incredibly important to become a world class leader. The conversations we’ve had are often tough ones, but incredibly constructive, and each time I’d come out having uncovered that something more. Malvika also worked with my newly crafted management team to help drive a sense of ‘team’ and appreciation for each others strengths, blind spots, and preferences – these are critical components to making a group of individuals go from being great individual contributors to really multiplying effectiveness as a cohesive team. Frankly, if I could, I would have Malvika as a coach for life.