Other clients

“We were better prepared as a leadership team, and I was better prepared personally to lead the firm through this economic crisis, because of Impact’s work. We have become more effective as one team at the top, aligned and focused on organizational results over individual results, collaboration across boundaries, building trust and open communication, and better aligning our organization to execute with agility and speed.”

“Our senior leaders have experienced a variety of leadership development processes over the years. Their feedback to me is that Impact’s approach is unique\, more effective and a valuable use of their time.”

“She inspired our management group and helped us develop as a team; we created a great action plan that has changed several issues. The executives liked her approach – her work had impact! She has a real gift for facilitation she moves people to performing quickly; she is great at facilitating change in a team environment in a safe way.”

“Even under very tough situations, she maintains an positive and constructive attitude. She has a very calming presence and a way of helping people see the way out of the challenge.”

“I’m much more powerful now as a coach and mentor. This includes coaching and influencing outside my own team.”

“What I like about Malvika is her ability to connect with the people she is coaching and help them realize their leadership potential. She was my coach, mentor, consultant and friend all at the same time and offered great ideas to challenges I was facing in my leadership approach.”